Value Your Trade

Calculate Your Trade-In Car Value

With our free, online tool, you can easily find out how much your car is worth. When you have this estimate, you can be guaranteed that the offer you ultimately accept near Milton is fair. Figure out what is the estimated value of your trade-in car in just 2 simple steps or under 10 seconds! Then, you can keep on reading to see what your next steps will be. 

How to Trade In My Car

Many Ferry Pass drivers, who aren’t familiar with the process, will ask us “How to trade in my car?” Let us walk you through the steps below: 

  1. Take a look at our new andused vehicles online to find your next car if you don’t know which model you want already. 
  2. If your trade-in car can’t cover your next vehicle fully, then our finance team can work out a plan for you in the Cantonment area! They can also offer advice on your other auto finance needs. 
  3. Then, drive your car to Sandy Sansing with the title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and key. We will inspect the car for an appraisal and make an official offer! 
  4. Lastly, you can either accept or negotiate our offer. 

Perks of Trading In My Car

While trading in your car isn’t the only available option, it is a wiser one for most drivers as it eliminates any frustrations of selling your current car privately. Plus, you can even cut down a good chunk of the cost of your next car, so you are essentially reinvesting your future! 

At Sandy Sansing, we have plenty of makes for you to choose from, including Nissan, Chevy, BMW, Ford, and MAZDA. We can definitely help you find the right model across Flordia and Alamba as we have multiple locations!

Trade In & Upgrade at Sandy Sansing Now

Since we have walked you through the steps, it’s time for you to take these steps yourself! We are excited to see you in one of our dealerships near Pensacola soon, so we can get you in an upgraded vehicle. Contact us to set up the best time for you to drop by!